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Dear Bill:
The railing panels you created for us are absolutely stunning!  Photo's just don't do them justice.  As we sit on our front porch, the panels are just as beautiful from the back side as they are beautiful from the front.  I've never seen anything quite like them.  You should be very proud of your ability as an artist.    
Your commitment to make sure your customers are pleased is so refreshing.  It has been such a pleasure to work with you.  I must also thank your wife Kris, for her part in making sure our panels traveled safely.  Not a scratch on any on them, so please thank the woman behind the man for us.  I'm sure she is a very valuable asset to you.
Words just can not describe how pleased we are with the railing panels.  They are a great addition to our home and such a conversation piece.  We are so glad we ordered them from you!
Thank you again for all of the hard work you put into creating a masterpiece just for us.  
Lisa and Charles, AL  - 6/09
cowboy in prayer at cross
We feel so completely honored to have Bill's work in our new log home. We bought Bill's pieces for the interior before we broke ground on the house! Couldn't wait to have the pieces! 

The new piece you did in honor of Wolfie makes me speechless, Bill.   A new meaning to the word Awesome!! 

S.S., Maine    01/13/2010
custom bear panel insert
custom designed cougar . mountain lion. railing insert
custom deer railing insert panel.
custom eagle panel insert
custom designed elk panel insert.
moose panel insert
pine tree scene for railing insert panel

We received our bear, elk and pine tree panels a couple days ago.  All I can say is WOW!  They are awesome and will make our remodel project a true work of art.  You have far surpassed our expectations.  Thanks, Mike and Trina  8/11
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Bill Worden, M.A.
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All of my Railing Panel Inserts are custom-sized per your requirements.  I don't have any panels "in stock".

I use 3/16" plate steel (7awg), abiding by the 4" Gap Code, which means there is no open space in the design greater than 4" in width or height.   That is crucial if there will be a building inspector involved in the process, as they will try to pass a 4" diameter sphere through spaces that appear large enough to endanger a small child getting his arm, leg or head stuck.

All panels are $185.00 per lineal foot, up to 29" in height, so a 5' wide panel, 29" tall, would be $925.00 plus s/h.   That includes powder-coating in a color/texture of your choice.    The maintenance is minimal, but if you live in a high-moisture, humid, wet area, I would definitely recommend an epoxy primer, also baked on to the steel, prior to the baked-on color coat.   That would increase the cost of each panel by $95.00. It is not mandatory, but recommended.  All custom design is included in the pricing above.  (Pricing is current as of 5/15, but subject to change, based on steel costs.

If the final color-coat of baked on polymer coating is glossy, a yearly waxing with an automotive wax containing UV inhibitors & either carnauba or beeswax is recommended, but not essential.

If the final color is semi-gloss, matte or flat, no maintenance is required, but some fading & oxidation will naturally occur over time if the panels are mounted outdoors, such as around a balcony or deck.

Another finishing option is a bare-metal, automotive epoxy primer, followed by an automotive base-coat and finally, two coats of PPG DELTRON DC3000 Automotive clear-coat.   That would give you a maintenance-free color coat that compares to the finest automotive finish.   By most standards, that is a 15-20 yr. life w/o waxing.  Yearly waxing would ensure the longest life.

That option does increase the price, though.   I would have to calculate the square footage of your final order to give you a price on labor & material for the automotive finish option.   It is inherently more UV resistant than even the best Clear Powder-Coats.

On Railing Panel Insert Orders, I do offer a 12% Discount for total footage above 30 linear feet.   

Protective Packaging, (Foam & Fiber-Board), and Wood-Crating is essential for safe truck-freight transport/shipping of the panels.    That cost will vary with the size of the order, but truck freight by ODFL, is actually very affordable.   Even to the East Coast, shipping is rarely over $0.75 per lb.
That varies with delivery options, actual address, etc.

Any panel size can be made, but the $185.00 per ft. price applies only to panels in height not to exceed 29".    28-29" is very standard in these panels, although taller panels are sometimes requested or required.

That depends on the bottom & top railing construction & finished height of the top railing, and whether the horizontal components of your railing is made from wood or metal.

Typically, on wood railing stringers, a 3/16" wide X 3/4" -1" deep groove is cut with a router or dado-blade, in which the panel is inserted & "locked-in". 

 Installing Weld-Tabs before shipping is another option, although seldom used.

If you could provide me with more detail, e.g. design preference, actual widths & heights and quantity, I can give you a firm quote, including shipping.   Please include your ZIP Code, so I can calculate the freight.   Email me at, or call 800-710-1273

My lead-time currently is about 5-6 weeks for design, fabrication & packaging.  Transit time is usually 7-10 Days or less in the lower 48 States.  We also ship to Canada via ODFL Truck Freight.   Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Europe & Australia are by Ocean Freight Only & it is quite expensive.   Some ocean freight shipments take 6-8 weeks to arrive.  Worldwide Shipping Quoters are available by request, once an order is confirmed.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

Bill Worden,  Owner-Artist - STEEL F/X